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Discover new products for your range or create your own retail brand! Deutsche Extrakt Kaffee (DEK) offers you a wide range of instant coffees, liquid coffees and other hot drinks.

Instant coffee: our star product

Great-tasting instant coffee is our speciality. That’s what made DEK such a big success. We put a lot of care into its production. The coffee may undergo different drying procedures after it is ground, infused and extracted. It is either spray-dried, agglomerated or freeze-dried. In each case, we ensure that the flavour and high quality are preserved.

Instant coffee drinks: a wide range of flavours

It all began with instant coffee. Our range now includes many different instant coffees and coffee drinks with milk. These include different kinds of cappuccino, espresso, mocha, Viennese Melange and iced coffee.

Liquid coffee extracts: flavour in seconds

We make our liquid coffees from freshly ground roast coffee. They are perfect for premium foods and add a real coffee flavour to milk mix drinks, baked goods and ice cream.

DEK’s liquid coffees in hot drinks machines are also a hit with coffee drinkers. Whether in catering, the cafeteria or canteen. Further information can be found under Industry & Vending.

Grain beverages

Our grain beverages are tasty and caffeine-free. They are based on strong or mild roast malt and grain blends. Here the whole family can enjoy a warming drink and benefit from the valuable natural ingredients and flavours.


Classic roast coffees for the ultimate enjoyment

DEK’s range also includes classic roast coffees. Our experienced master roasters are on hand to specifically determine the roasting time, temperature and intensity in processing. After all, this is where the specific colouring develops, as well as the flavours and aromas that decide whether the coffee is more mild, flavourful or strong. Our roast coffees are available as filter coffees, crema or espresso, ground or as whole beans.

From highland into the capsule

Whether it is a café crema, espresso or café au lait, our capsules for standard coffee systems such as Nescafé Dolce Gusto®* offer the most enjoyable coffee moment.

* Brand name of a company not connected to DEK or GRANDOS

Drinking chocolate

Another hot alternative to coffee – our drinking chocolate with milk and a delicate crema is popular with kids and grown-ups alike. Its foundation is premium, select primary ingredients. This applies to the cocoa beans as well as the quality milk. Adding hot water is all you need to bring out the mild chocolate taste.

We make no compromises when it comes to the quality of our products.


Uncompromisingly good. Quality assured and reliability guaranteed.

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DEK is the dominant supplier of instant coffees and coffee drinks for retail brands.

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