Instant coffee created with care and experience

Our instant coffee is the result of carefully processing green coffee. Over the decades, we have perfected every step of the production process for you.

Cleaning of the green coffee

Following delivery from the country of origin, the green coffee beans are first cleaned.

Aromatic roasting

The length and temperature of roasting and the blend determine the kind of coffee, making it mild or strong.

Grinding and brewing

Instant coffee is created by grinding, brewing and drying the filtered coffee concentrate.

We make no compromises when it comes to our products

Full flavour for every taste

Instant coffee is quick and easy to prepare and enjoy anywhere. Using this as a basis, our coffee experts are constantly coming up with new specialities, such as the fine Viennese Melange, different kinds of cappuccino and other extraordinary blended coffee-based milk drinks.

Drying processes

Instant coffee is quick and easy to prepare by adding hot water and is ready to drink immediately. The following procedures are required for its production:


In the spray tower, ground and extracted coffee concentrate is sprayed over a warm jet of air and processed into a fine coffee powder.


The spray-dried coffee particles are shaped into larger, easily soluble granules by adding moisture.


The coffee concentrate is snap-frozen, crushed into granules and gently dried in a vacuum.

Green coffee – the source

We procure our coffee from the best
growing regions.

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Quality management

We perform systematic checks according to international standards.

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Sustainable coffee growing and fair partnerships are extremely important to us.

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