Green coffee – the source

DEK’s coffee buyers are always right where the best green coffee is being produced. We have an excellent global network and ensure that we can offer consistently good flavour and quality for years to come.

Coffee is a natural product and requires clever planning and foresight to ensure consistent quality and flavour for years at a time.

Origin and Expertise

Great coffee thrives best on highlands in tropical, equatorial countries. These include places like Costa Rica, Colombia, Tanzania and Indonesia. This is where mild arabica and strong robusta beans grow. We have already been working on-site with many partners for decades. This close connection to the coffee’s source is one of the foundations of consistently high quality.

Only the best beans

Our buyers travel all over the world to select the best beans for our coffee production. We always keep a close eye on the bean. From selection and processing to blending the coffees. The length and temperature of roasting ultimately have a huge impact on the flavour of the coffee. Whether it’s a mild coffee or an espresso that packs a punch.

Designed to taste great

Coffee is a natural product. Due to varying growing conditions and climate fluctuations, a harvest can turn out to have quite a different flavour. To ensure continuous quality and consistent flavour, you need a good network, smart planning and lots of flavour designs and tastings. We also know how to stock coffee to keep its freshness and the aroma of the variety in question stable – even for years.


The coffee is roasted, ground and extracted under constant supervision.

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Quality management

We perform systematic checks according to international standards.

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Sustainable coffee growing and fair partnerships are extremely important to us.

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