Uncompromising Quality

We only pack and deliver high-quality products. We stay on the safe side from the very beginning. Our certified quality management makes sure of this. After all, quality is not a matter of chance, and there is a method to our analysis – we perform regular checks at every stage of production. Last but not least, our experienced experts taste the coffee and check its flavour. Because ultimately, that’s what guarantees its success.

From the green bean to the packaging

The coffee’s quality is determined by its origin. We procure our green coffee from the best growing regions. Experienced master roasters then compose unique blends from the green coffee beans.

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Freshly roasted

Achieving a quality coffee flavour is actually quite simple: all you have to do is give your best at every step of production. First we clean the green coffee beans. They are then gently roasted, ground and extracted. There are three different ways to dry the coffee extract: spray-drying, agglomeration and freeze-drying. Checks and analyses throughout the process ensure guaranteed quality and flavour.

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Certified standards

Physics, chemistry and microbiology. Those are the sciences that help us keep our instant coffee at the highest level. Quality labels are certifications in line with international standards. But it takes more than that to make a great coffee. That is why we ultimately trust in what no science can offer – the well-trained taste buds of our seasoned coffee experts.

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Sustainable and fair

Our coffee’s great reputation and success is also thanks to our coffee growers. DEK is always conscious of this and is committed to fair trade. We also keep an eye on sustainable cultivation. The corresponding certifications and seals we hold reinforce our ambition to continue taking a clear position in the future as well. For nature, people and the pure enjoyment of coffee.

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Quality and flavour do not happen by chance. They are the result of constant checks at every stage of production.

Our products

Discover our wide range of products and create your own retail brand.

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DEK is the dominant supplier of instant coffees and coffee drinks for retail brands.

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