Top-class quality management

Quality and good flavour are always a top priority for us. Our aim is to always be up to date and meet our high standards. With regular quality controls and a final sensory test, DEK ensures a special coffee-drinking experience that is of a consistently high quality.

Certified standards

All products are certified in accordance with the International Food Standard (IFS) and the requirements of the BRC Global Standards. Ultimately, nothing convinces our customers of our products’ value more than quality they can trust. And quality is the foundation of every successful product range.


The proof is in the flavour

Our coffee tastes great. That’s for sure. After all, it is backed by the knowledge and experience of our experts. These trained and skilled coffee connoisseurs can examine even the slightest note in detail. At every tasting, they examine the purity, body, acidity and aroma of the coffee and make the final judgement on its quality.


Controlled quality and delicious flavour guarantee our coffee’s success. We give our word on this.

Green coffee – the source

We procure our coffee from the best
growing regions.

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The coffee is roasted, ground and extracted under constant supervision.

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Sustainable coffee growing and fair partnerships are extremely important to us.

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