Hot property and automatically delicious

Coffee doesn’t just taste great in a cup. It also tastes wonderful in baked goods, ice cream and chocolates. We supply our instant coffee and liquid coffee extracts to the food industry and provide an extra boost of caffeine in hot drinks machines.

Strong in flavour

If you produce food items or luxury foods like baked goods, ice cream, sweets or drinks, we’ll supply the right coffee. Our instant coffee extracts and liquid coffees are the basis for this.

Are you a bulk consumer? Or do you run a restaurant or hold events? Then take advantage of our wide range of instant coffees – the full GRANDOS® package for machines or our cold-brew concentrates and coffee concentrates, which we also offer specifically for coffee systems under the Aromat® brand.

Your name, your brand, your success

We offer you product and packaging from a single source. You can create your own retail brand in just a few steps:


Select your instant coffee, whether it’s an
exclusive blend or a ready-made variety.


We will then offer you tubular or
stand-up bags accordingly.


Choose a single- or multicoloured sticker or
an individually designed foil.

Bag with label

Tubular bag and stand-up bag
(100 g, 200 g, 250 g and 500 g)

Bag with all-over print

Tubular bag and stand-up bag
(100 g, 200 g, 250 g and 500 g)

Fine flavour for vending machines

At the touch of a button, you can enjoy a freshly roasted GRANDOS coffee with a wonderful flavour – even between meals.


Full-bodied arabica coffee with slight acidity, freeze-dried,
500 g


Aromatic, flavourful arabica–robusta blend, freeze-dried,
500 g


Aromatic, mild arabica–robusta blend, spray-dried,
500 g

AROMAT Cafe - Liquid coffee extracts for coffee systems

AROMAT coffee concentrates can be used in all liquid coffee machines and can prepare any desired amount of coffee and coffee specialties in a matter of seconds. Very easily. Real quick. Simply good. 

AROMAT Cafe is available as non-frozen DIRECT-coffee in a 2-liter bag-in-box (BiB) for approx. 50 liters of coffee in three different flavors.


100% organic Arabica coffee with Fairtrade seal



Arabica/Robusta blend with Rainforest-Alliance seal



Robusta blend with Rainforest-Alliance seal



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Uncompromisingly good. Quality assured and reliability guaranteed.

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